Youth & Children

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Children and Young People's Groups on Sunday Morning

Under 3s
There is a designated area within church where parents can care for children under 3 during the service.  They are provided with toys and other activities and we hope very much that they will enjoy their time with us.   The rest of the church family are delighted to welcome our youngest members in this way.

This group is for children from Nursery to Year One. They enjoy listening, praying, crayoning, making things and playing. There are usually around 7-10 children attending and they clearly enjoy the care and input of the dedicated teachers. We use a variety of material and each child has something to take home and complete, together with something they have made for themselves.  

JAFFA (Jesus A Friend For All)
The Jaffa Group  caters for children in school years 2 - 5.  We have around 15 children attending on a regular basis, they are a lively and inquiring group of children, who relish a challenge. We enjoy a short time of lively worship, various Bible stories, often involving some acting out, creative activities, prayers and games. The children clearly enjoy the sessions as they can’t wait to get out of church and start!

Frog & Amaziah
These two Sunday morning groups cater from age 11. FROG (Forever Reliant On God) caters for school years 6 – 8 and Amaziah year 9 to adult.

We generally have about 20 young people between the two groups. The sessions are a mix of prayer, worship, teaching, drama, group work, food, fun, discussions, music, video clips and art relating to the theme of the meeting to draw out the message for that morning.

Midweek Young People's Groups

We have 2 groups each week for young people.  Both provide social space with the opportunity to learn, ask questions and grow in the Christian faith'.

6-7.30pm on Mondays for school years 6-8.


7-9pm for school years 9-13.

Hublife Springfield






 A place where young people of all ages and backgrounds can come and be themselves. 

On Mondays, St. Christopher’s Church, Springfield runs a community youth drop-in in partnership with The Feast Youth Project located at St. Christopher’s Church / The Springfield Project at Woodlands Road and Springfield Road, B13 9NY. Local secondary school students from a variety of faith backgrounds come together to play games, hang out and participate in discussions on topics of identity, faith and community.

On Fridays, we work in partnership with the Kicks Project to provide an indoor hang out space during a drop-in football club at Moseley School Sports Centre.

Days and Times:

3:00-4:45 p.m. Mondays at St. Christopher’s Church Youth Hub. Click here for info.

5:00-7:00 p.m. Fridays at Moseley School Sports Centre Ark Building.  Click here for info.

Mission Statement

The youth work at St Christopher’s Church Springfield is an expression of God’s love in our community

Values Of Youth Work At St. Christopher's

The Youth Work at St Christopher’s seeks to:

  • Honour God and promote Biblical teaching
  • Inspire and encourage young people in their faith
  • Create caring, safe, inclusive, open and relevant environments for young people to grow together to meet their full potential
  • Develop and encourage young people to take leadership roles
  • Serve people in our community
  • Reach out to our community to share the gospel of Christ
  • Enable young people to be an active and integral part of the Body of Christ
  • Prepare young people for lifelong discipleship, mission and service
  • Encourage young people in their awareness of world issues