Mayor's Community Day
10.06.2019 - Mayor's Community Day

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We're recruiting!
16.05.2019 - We're recruiting!

Opportunity to join us as our Under 18s Ministry Facilitator, click here for details.

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Easter 2019
10.05.2019 - Easter 2019

We were delighted to celebrate Easter together recently, using a new cross built by one of our church members, Ernst Merk. We used red, white and gold strips of cloth to remind us of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Although we were only dimly aware of it at the time, we quickly realised that these three themes would be lived out in the experience of our brothers and sisters around the world. We rejoice that He is risen, and we stand together with Christians around the world to proclaim his victory over sin and death.

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Thank you!
16.01.2019 - Thank you!

 At the end of December we said 'Thank You!' to Debbie Ducille for her work as the Children and Families Missioner at St Christopher's and St John's for three years since the beginning of 2016.

Debbie has worked tirelessly to bring children and families into a closer relationship with God and in particular to help St Christopher's take a deeper and wider view of how discipleship is a lifelong journey, nurtured in a variety of places including the home. She has challenged us to engage with local families in her work through Friends of Sparkhill Park and at St John's school and has provided a wonderful 'homegroup' for children through Transformers (which is now taking a break).

She also gave us a glimpse of a different style of worship through 'WIGWAM', an inter-generational café-style form of worship we continue to experiment with and develop. We are delighted that she and the family will remain part of St Christopher's and wish her every blessing as she moves to a new role based at Christ Church, Sparkbrook.

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