18.04.2018 - Congratulations

We're delighted to celebrate with our very own Andrew Smith as he received an award from the Archbishop of Canterbury: The Hubert Walter Award for Reconciliation and Interfaith Co-operation which recognises his amazing interfaith work here in Birmingham and further afield.

It's great that a member of our congregation has been honoured in this way. He has shown us how this work can be done whilst holding to his own real and deep faith in Jesus Christ. Well done Smeeee!


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Easter 2018
12.04.2018 - Easter 2018

Members of our FROG and Impact groups were treated to a Seder/Passover meal again this year at the house of David and Sharon Pitches. It included wonderful food, amazing effects (blood or ketchup on the doorposts?) and a re-telling of the story of God's liberation of his people from slavery in Egypt. It was a remarkable and memorable occasion for all involved.



Easter Day brought our celebration of the empty tomb and the news that "He is not here. He is risen!" We celebrated together and during the service placed ribbons around a cross in thanksgiving for Christ's sacrifice and in recognition that the cross has now become a place of life and blessing.

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20.03.2018 - Sleepout

Me (Seth), Beccy, Philippa, Isobel, Clement and Simon took part in the Big Sleepout 2018 for Birmingham City Mission on the 16th February.

We slept out in the cold (it didn't rain) using sleeping bags and cardboard boxes. We went to bed at roughly 11:30 but didn't get much sleep because of traffic and helicopter sounds.

Clement taught us a French card game and we enjoyed some sweet and tasty treats, but it was still extremely cold and we couldn't imagine doing it every day. Overall, the group of us has raised over £1000 and we thank you greatly for your donations and sponsors - they are much appreciated.

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Hunger Lunch
13.03.2018 - Hunger Lunch

As part of our season of Lent, we held a 'Hunger Lunch' after our morning service on Sunday 4th March. People were offered soup or beans (made by members of St Christopher's), bread and fruit. Around one long table we enjoyed fellowship, friendship and food and raised £537 for Tear Fund.

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Lent across Emmanuel Group
13.03.2018 - Lent across Emmanuel Group

Click here for details of Lent across the Emmanuel Group.

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06.03.2018 - Pancakes

On Monday February 12th our Hublife project held a Pancake Evening.

We were delighted to welcome young people who attend Hublife and also parents and friends. It was a chance to hear about the work of Hublife and to celebrate the achievemnts of the young people, young leaders and volunteers. It was great to see local young people meeting, mixing and laughing together.

Thanks to Doug and his team for organising it and to Near Neighbours and The Feast for their partnership in the project.

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