We're recruiting!
19.02.2019 - We're recruiting!

Opportunity to join us as our Under 18s Ministry Facilitator, click here for details.

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Thank you!
16.01.2019 - Thank you!

 At the end of December we said 'Thank You!' to Debbie Ducille for her work as the Children and Families Missioner at St Christopher's and St John's for three years since the beginning of 2016.

Debbie has worked tirelessly to bring children and families into a closer relationship with God and in particular to help St Christopher's take a deeper and wider view of how discipleship is a lifelong journey, nurtured in a variety of places including the home. She has challenged us to engage with local families in her work through Friends of Sparkhill Park and at St John's school and has provided a wonderful 'homegroup' for children through Transformers (which is now taking a break).

She also gave us a glimpse of a different style of worship through 'WIGWAM', an inter-generational café-style form of worship we continue to experiment with and develop. We are delighted that she and the family will remain part of St Christopher's and wish her every blessing as she moves to a new role based at Christ Church, Sparkbrook.

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Christmas Party
05.10.2018 - Christmas Party


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25.09.2018 - Goodbye!

We’ve been sad to say some goodbyes recently. In July we said goodbye to our wonderful curate, Revd Beccy Allen, who has been with us since the summer of 2015. Beccy has gone on to be vicar of St Columba’s Sutton Coldfield and we wish her and the family every blessing in that new role. We will miss her energy, honesty, integrity and her smile!


We’re also saying goodbye to our Youth Minister, Doug Sembuuze, who is moving to a new position in a local church. Doug loves a new challenge and he felt it was time to move on and begin a new phase of ministry. We wish him and the family joy in their new church. We will miss them all immensely but we pray they will bring life, love and laughter to their new church as they have to St Christopher’s.

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Growing Together in Christ
25.09.2018 - Growing Together in Christ

After a long process of prayerful reflection at St Christopher’s, we have decided to adopt a new strapline or summary of what we believe God is calling us to do – Growing Together In Christ. We want to be a growing church, which means that individually and together we want to see our commitment to Christ and our understanding of our faith becoming deeper and fuller. We also want to see new people coming to life-giving faith and joining us on the adventure of following Him.

We believe this journey can only happen together, as God forms us into his pilgrim people. So we are committed to one another and to loving one another (however hard that may be at times). We believe God is calling us to be a loving and welcoming community which is marked by acceptance and compassion. We know life is messy at times, and we want everyone to know that messy life is welcome in our church.

Finally we see all this as being possible only as we rejoice that we are one in Christ. This is fundamental to our life together and we want to point people clearly and unashamedly to Jesus, our crucified and risen King. We know He is Lord of all.

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18.04.2018 - Congratulations

We're delighted to celebrate with our very own Andrew Smith as he received an award from the Archbishop of Canterbury: The Hubert Walter Award for Reconciliation and Interfaith Co-operation which recognises his amazing interfaith work here in Birmingham and further afield.

It's great that a member of our congregation has been honoured in this way. He has shown us how this work can be done whilst holding to his own real and deep faith in Jesus Christ. Well done Smeeee!


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